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8 Tips for Keeping a Squeaky Clean WordPress Database

Use the Revision Control Plugin is a great way to keep the post revisions under control all the time. It’ll just delete the revisions of posts as they get old enough.

Most of sites are set to 5 revisions only. Not only Delete Post Revisions and their Meta Data, we also can optimize our database with Delete All Pingbacks, Clean Out Unused Tags, and Remove Orphaned Options etc.

Following is 8 Tips for Keeping a Squeaky Clean WordPress Database.

Optimizing your database is a necessary part of WordPress housekeeping. Things can start to pile up in there… post revisions, old spam comments, etc., and your blog can start to get sluggish. We’ve gathered a number of solid tips for getting your database into shape without having to be an expert.

Warning: Back up your database in case you screw up. Yes, people still need to be reminded to do this. I know you’ve heard the horror stories. ;)