43 Free Wordpress Themes that Look Totally Premium

You want to compete against the biggest sites on the internet and think that you need a hell expensive wordpress theme for this? Think again. Today, you can download a totally gorgeous, premium looking wordpress theme — absolutely free. This list of 43 WP themes is a good way to get started…

Wordpress was first released back in 2003, whole 7 years ago and after tremendous changes and tweaks, one may assume that all the Wordpress themes has already been released by now… You are wrong. To my joy, I discover dozens of new wordpress themes every day and it even though I think I had seen it all by now, maybe you haven’t? If you are starting a new blog, you might get overwhelmed by the idea that in order to make a good competition in the design blog sphere — you need a premium wordpress theme . While is is of course correct and many respected blogs do use a custom made, customly tweaked, customly customized wordpress theme — a lot of beginners and even more advanced users are happy with the FREE Wordpress themes they simply adjusted for their needs.If you need an inbuilt gallery, featured posts section, admin panel, magazine style for tutorials and easy ads management, these Wordpress themes could be the right ones for you. My point is — you can make your blog layout look premium, without premium damage to your wallet.


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